1996 edition of the Orangetown Police patch is fully embroidered, including the background in medium blue, with the New York State Seal in full color.  Previously the seal was done in yellow gold.  The latest edition now has a midnight blue background to match the new dark blue uniform shirts.  Coincidentally, the original uniforms were all dark blue except for summer months when a light blue short sleeved shirt was worn.  The uniform was topped of with a traditional eight point police hat. As the uniform evolved they were changed in the late 80's utilizing a french blue shirt, navy blue trousers with a french blue stripe down the outside trouser seam and topped of with a dark blue air force style hat.  With the change of the uniforms back to the original color concept, around 2001, the patch background color was changed to compliment the darker uniform shirts.

The change of the patch design in 1974 has remained constant and has been incorporated into the various divisions and units within the police department and PBA as well.             

the origin of what is believed to be one of the first Orangetown Police patches is unknown.  Believed to be in the thirties.  It is a triangular shape with light blue felt material background with bright yellow embroidery incorporating the New York State Seal.  That patch evolved to a dark blue background of fabric with yellow gold embroidery following the original design.
On November 10, 1974 the Orangetown Police Department replaced their triangular, two color patch with a shield type four color patch incorporating an entirely new design.  This original design has survived through the years and has been improved and enhanced with the addition of a a full color New York State Seal and fully embroidered backgrounds to correspond with uniform shirt colors.

Overall background is in dark blue surrounding an orange disk, over which is the geographic shape of the township in green.  Superimposed over the disk and the Town is the Seal of the State of New York and "1685" in yellow gold.  The date symbolizes the approximate time that the Town of Orangetown was created by a royal grant from William of Orange (King William III) in the Tappan Patent. Actually 1686 according to historians.  The balance of the trim and wording is in yellow gold.
Initial replacement (new) edition of the Orangetown patch was not fully embroidered and utilized the patch fabric as the background color which was done in an effort to keep the cost down. I am particularly pleased with this design and how it has survived over the years after designing it in 1974.  Portions of the original design have been incorporated in Town and other Department logos as well.

The Orangetown Police Auxiliary is an active group of volunteers who work closely with the regular officers and are invaluable during special events, parades and other details where additional traffic and crowd control becomes necessary.  The auxiliaries have their own internal rank structure and chain of command. However, they are under the command of the regular police ranking officer on duty.

The Auxiliary uniform patch evolved from the Triangular dark blue patch which did not have the New York State Seal, but the "CD" for Civilian Defense.  The "CD" patch was replaced in the sixties with the standard triangular dark blue patch which incorporated a band over the top arc which read "AUXILIARY".  That patch was eventually replaced with the new Orangetown patch which also incorporated a band over the top arc  that reads "AUXILIARY".  Some earlier versions had a band that read "AUXILIARY POLICE". The most recent edition, with a light blue background, includes all the information on one patch.
Latest Patch/Logo OEM 2013